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Digitise your 1/4" Stereo Reel to Reel tapes!


Reel to Reel audio tapes used to be the main way to capture sound and a number of recordings were produced on these before the advent of much less complicated cassette and 8 track tapes. They were most often used in broadcasting and music industries for recording radio shows and bands, and a large number of both amateur and commercial recordings were produced on 1/4" tape.


You may have old reels tucked away and they will likely be starting to suffer now. Many of the older magnetic tapes now suffer from sticky shed syndrome, which makes it important to have them stabilised and/or converted to digital to ensure they last a much longer period of time. Sticky-shed syndrome is a condition created by the deterioration of the binders in a magnetic tape, which hold the iron oxide magnetisable coating to its plastic carrier. This deterioration renders the tape unusable. Some kinds of binder are known to break down over time, due to the absorption of moisture from the air.


The symptoms of this breakdown are immediately obvious even when rewinding the tape: tearing sounds and sluggish behaviour. If a tape with sticky-shed syndrome is played, the reels will make screeching or squeaking sounds, and the tape will leave dusty, rusty particles on the guides and heads. We commonly bake tapes to temporarily repair sticky-shed syndrome to allow the tapes to be digitised. We bake tapes at 58 °C, to temporarily remove the moisture that has accumulated in the binder. A treated tape will function like new for a few weeks to a few months before it reabsorbs moisture and is unplayable again.


What we do:

  • We inspect the reel tape.
  • If necessary we will bake the tape to ensure that it can be used.
  • Tapes are digitised to 24 bit/96kHz quality, and individual tracks split out for easy navigation.
  • Audio files can be written to .WAV files at 24 bit/96Khz quality, or written to CD at 16 bit/44.1Khz.


PLEASE NOTE: Quality can vary due to the condition of the original tape recording.



Audio Reels to CD Conversion

Reel Size

Processing Charge

Baking (if necessary)

Small – 3" reel



Medium – 5" reel



Large – 7" reel



X-Large - 10" reel





  • If you have a large number of Audio Reels, we can look at a bulk order discount for you.
  • Subject to copyright- We will not copy, copyright material. Section 81A of the Copyright Act 1994 does allow you to make a backup copy of an original recording that you own, for personal private use only.
  • These costs assume a tape speed of 7½ in/s (19.05 cm/s). If your tape speed is slower than this we reserve the right to charge extra.



Depending on tape speed, we capture from either a Studer/Revox B77 MKII, or Otari 5050MX-II reel to reel tape player. 


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